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Month: September 2020

Monitor active M365 ServiceHealth services only with PowerShell

Last updated 2 years ago by Sander Rozemuller

You have some Microsoft 365 (M365) customers which you like to monitor. Every day you are looking at the customer specific M365 portal looking for Microsoft event.

Logging in at the customers portal isn’t a very efficient way. Microsoft provides a lot of API’s which can be used for monitoring. By combining some of them you are able to do some really nice and smart things.

WVD Image Management Automated – Part 1 – Create WVD image version based on existing config with PowerShell

Last updated 1 year ago by Sander Rozemuller

This article is part one of a serie posts about WVD image management automated. In this first part I will describe how to create and connect a new disk (based on a snapshot) to a new Azure VM based on the existing sessionhost configuration. This will save a lot of extra parameters like VMsize, network settings and type. After the VM is started you will get the information how to connect to the VM by RDP (3389) with specific credentials specially created for this VM.