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Month: October 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop Image Management Automated – Part 5 – Monitor Image versions with Azure Monitor

Last updated 1 year ago by Sander Rozemuller

When using the Windows Virtual Desktop for a longer time and created images several times you will noticed you are not able to remove old images directly when a new version has been deployed. Or in case of a MSP when you need to manage more then one image after some time you will lose sight on images and versions. An image overview would be nice to have. In this article I will show how to do some image version control on a WVD environment.

Windows Virtual Desktop Image Management Automated – Part 4 – WVD Clean up unused resources

Last updated 2 years ago by Sander Rozemuller

The current situation, we have created new disks, snapshots, virtual machines, networks, images and session hosts. All the resources has been added to the existing WVD hostpool. Now it is time to cleanup the old resources, to keep everything nice and clean. In this part we will take care of removing components related to the old image version.