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Month: October 2021

AVD Automation Cocktail – Deploy AVD with Terraform Cloud

Last updated 8 months ago by Sander Rozemuller

Welcome (back) to the AVD Automation Cocktail. In the past cocktail series, I showed different AVD deployment strategies and languages. During the time I got some requests about automation with Terraform. In this cocktail, The Dutch Bloody Harry, I’ll show you how to deploy an AVD environment automated with Terraform Cloud and Github. I’m using the Terraform cloud combined with my GitHub repository.

Manage Windows Updates for AVD using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Last updated 8 months ago by Sander Rozemuller

In this article, I explain a way how to manage Windows Updates for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). To achieve this goal I use update rings in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. These update rings will be assigned to a dynamic Azure AD group. I also show how to create and assign this configuration automated with the use of PowerShell.