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Month: April 2022

Monitor and get alerts from Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Last updated 1 month ago by Sander Rozemuller

Out of the box, Microsoft Endpoint Manager has a reporting platform where lots of information is stored. Think about device management or endpoint analytics. For troubleshooting, reports can help. However, if you need to troubleshoot you are too late in the first place. It would be nice to get alerts out of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Luckily, there are options to achieve that goal. In this post, I show a way to monitor and get alerts from Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Monitor security baselines in Endpoint Security

Last updated 2 months ago by Sander Rozemuller

A security baseline has some values which are interesting to know. It has a status that tells us the current deployment status if a profile is assigned or is deprecated. In this post, I show how to monitor security baselines. The current status, versions, and if a profile is assigned. I will explain which data is important, how to get the data and show different ways to send alerts.