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Month: May 2022

Monitor Identity Secure Score security improvement action status

Last updated 1 month ago by Sander Rozemuller

An Azure tenant is the Microsoft public cloud base. It is very important to keep your bases as secure as possible. To keep your tenant secure, Microsoft provides actions that give you insights into your tenant’s security and how to improve it. In this blog, I show how to monitor the secure score security improvement action status.

The DevOps Project – Clone a pipeline from a source project automated

Last updated 2 months ago by Sander Rozemuller

In this 4th slice of Prepare Azure DevOps for AVD deployment series, I will show how to copy or clone an existing YAML pipeline automated from a source project into a new AVD project. This will help you keep one main pipeline as a source and will allow you to create a “linked” pipeline into a new project directly from the source.