Welcome to a fresh new series about deploying Azure Virtual Desktop environments automated called the “AVD Automation Cocktail”. In this series I will serve several cocktails and will take you along on the AVD automated deployment journey with different types of automation languages. Every type has its own pros and cons, deployment strategy, parameter structure and commands. In the series all of these items will pass and hopefully it will give you a good overview about the possibilities.

At this time of the year with the summer ahead we all looking forward to the well deserved vacation, relax time, BBQ and drinking some beer and cocktails. Until that time I will serve some fresh automation cocktail recipes with PowerShell, ARM, Bicep, JSON, REST API and Azure CLI.

Before serving the menu I like to make some agreements first and like to say a few words.

  • There is no good or bad or wrong or right. Every way of automation is fine (if it works of course :)) as long if it works for you
  • Automation can be really frustrating but after all its fun. Keep the fun alive
  • These cocktails are for all ages

Every cocktail has its very own recipe, with its own taste and color. You like the color and taste or not but at the end it all goes, just like a real cocktail, about enjoying the moment and having fun. Thank you in advance for your time to read this nice series and I hope you will get inspired.

What’s on the menu

Please make choice between really nice and fresh cocktails with different recipes. Feel free to try them all and have fun with the AVD automated deployment.

  • Fresh Minty Breeze (The fresh new programming language Bicep will served with a little breeze of Azure CLI)
  • Coconut Beach Party (If you like just to party on a beach full with coconut palm trees then this PowerShell only cocktail is for you)
  • Strawberry Banana Mix (Great mix of the best ingredients DevOps en ARM in one cocktail)
  • Pineapple Citrus Splash (If you really thirsty and need a splash of REST API and JSON with a little sweetness of PowerShell this is the cocktail you need)
  • Sweet Orange Sunset (If you like orange and orange only with no other sidesteps like modules etc, then take this Azure CLI only cocktail)
  • Dutch Bloody Harry (An orange coloured cocktail with Terraform Cloud, GitHub and PowerShell. Also with automated assignements and custom role creation)
  • Santa’s Tree Ride (A festive cocktail with Azure DevOps, YAML and Az.Avd PowerShell module.)
  • Juicy Jungle Beast (A full automated deployment with Rest API, PowerShell with a Zero Trust configuration)

Enjoy your vacation 🌴 and this cocktail 🧉.

Cocktail ++, The AVD Enhancement Series

After you deployed Azure Virtual Desktop in basics with the blog post above can you add more flavours if you like. By adding the ingredients below your AVD environment will taste even beter.

  • Screen Protection (Secure your AVD environment by adding screen protection that avoids making screenshots or sharing your AVD session with others)
  • AVD ShortPath (By enabling AVD ShortPath the network performance highly increases)
  • AVD fixed outbound IP (By adding this configuration, your AVD environment always has the same outbound IP-address)

    Thank you for reading my blog avd automation cocktail - the menu.
    I hope you got a bit inspired. Enjoy your day and happy automating 👋

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