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General module information

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Binary Downloads

Binaries are avaialable for this operating systems:

  • Windows x64
  • MacOS (ARM and x64)
  • Linux

To download the binaries go to:


To use this tool several options are available and can be use on Windows, MacOS and Linux. In any way you first need to install at least dotnet 7.0. To install dotnet use the commands below.

Install dotnet 7 sdk Windows

winget install --id Microsoft.DotNet.SDK.7 --source winget --log C:\Temp\install.log

Check the link on Microsoft Learn for installing dotnet 7.0 on Windows.

Install dotnet 7 sdk macOS

Check the link on Mircosoft Learn

After installing dotnet, first restart the termimal. Otherwise the dotnet commands are not recognized.


The recommended way to install this tool is with the use of the NuGet repository. Using the NuGet repository simplifies the download process. By using the install command below the correct package is selected automatically.
Another advantage is using the NuGet installation method is that the command intuneCli becomes available in your whole system. You don’t have to execute the specific file.

Add the nuget feed
dotnet nuget add source --name
This command will install the tool
dotnet tool install --global IntuneCLI
Update to the latest version
dotnet tool update --global IntuneCLI
Clear nuget cache (if the tool is not found)

It can happen that the update process does not find the latest package available on NuGet. In that case, you have to clear the local NuGet cache.

dotnet nuget locals all --clear

Global Help

To get help in the IntuneCLI, there is always an argument available called -h. When using -h in an command you get help in the specific context.



To evolve the IntuneCLI, I need feedback. If you have any feedback, please let me know using one of the channgels below:

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