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Tag: Az.Avd

How to deal with AVD session hosts version management

A Shared Image Gallery is a great way distributing images over multiple environments. This great feature is also its disadvantage. When using a Shared Image Gallery in combination with several environments with even more host pools you will loose sight fast. At this moment there is no good overview which host in which environment is using which version.
In this article I will explain how to deal with AVD session hosts and version management. This will help to keep you environment clean and save costs.

Launching the first version of Az.Avd WVD PowerShell module

During my travel the past year in the world of AVD I noticed I’m using the common Az.DesktopVirtualization PowerShell module very often, but there are some limits. In basics they do their job but if you like more intelligence or add more resource types you will need to combine PowerShell commands to get useful information. That’s the point where I started writing a AVD PowerShell module and now it is time to share my functions as a fresh new module called Az.Avd.