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AVD Automation Cocktail - Azure Virtual Desktop automated with Bicep and Azure CLI

Welcome to the updated AVD Automation Cocktail. This cocktail is updated with all new Bicep and AVD features since september 2023. In this cocktail series I will show different AVD deployment strategies and languages.

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Disaster recovery plan for Azure Key Vault using tags, PowerShell and Azure Function

By default the Azure Key Vault has softdelete enabled with a 90 day retention. This option will protect Key Vault items when deleted by accident. When deleted you are able to restore that item through the portal or PowerShell.

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How to use Key Vault ARM templates and deal with sensitive parameters

At October 14, 2020 Mircosoft announced the public preview of ARM templates for adding secrets to Azure Key Vault. In this article I will explain a way how to use these templates.

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