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Win32LOB intunewin file upload process explained for automation

Table Of Contents Create Win32LOB App portal process Create Win32LOB App in Intune Request intunewin file version Upload and commit intunewin file to Azure Storage Blob Create Win32LOB App in automation Create Win32LOB App in Intune automated Request intunewin file version Create place holder for intunewin file version automated Upload file to Win32 LOB App automated Extract Intunewin file Calculate and create chunks Upload chunks Commit upload Update file version Summary A few days ago a question reached me about creating Win32Lob applications including the intunewin file upload using the REST API.

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Add Microsoft Store (WinGet) app with icon into Intune automated

In the week of November 28, 2022, Microsoft released the new Microsoft Store which is implemented in Intune using the Windows Packager Manager. This is because the Microsoft Store for Business will be deprecated in the first quarter of 2023.

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